Local issues 1918-1919
Fischer 1-5 | not included by Michel | Year of issue 1919

In Grodno, one Ukrainian (Michel 29, which is Russia Michel 109 overprinted with the Ukrainian trident-in-shield) and four Russian stamps (Michel 109-111 and 113) were additionally overprinted twice. The first additional overprint is a violet or black "40", "Poczta Polska" (diagonal) and "Gr." with ornaments. The second additional overprint is a red "V.P." and "Grodno" in a red rectangular frame.

Today, Grodno is part of Belarus where it is called Hrodna.

Fischer 1
Overprint on Ukraine Michel 29 (Russia Michel 109 with trident-in-shield)

Fischer 2
Overprint on Russia Michel 109

Fischer 3
Overprint on Russia Michel 110

Fischer 4
Overprint on Russia Michel 111

Fischer 5
Overprint on Russia Michel 113